Please contact Fae Herb, Borough EMA Administrative Assistant for additional information on any of these announcements at email:

August 7, 2009: Members received a 1979 Chevrolet, C-30, 4 wheel drive, Utility Truck from the Miles Township (Center County) Fire Department, Rebersburg, Pa. Since this truck has many outside compartments as well as a full walk-in body, it will provide much needed space for emergency equipment and stand ready to transport it to any emergency. The body was built by the SWAB Manufacturing Company that has been building fire and rescue equipment since 1869 and resides in Elizabethville near Harrisburg. This will serve as the replacement for the 1954 REO heavy duty rescue truck that was sold on December 10, 2007. Thank you to our Borough Officials for helping with the financial and administrative assistance so that we can provide a better service to our community. Cost was $3,000.

July 31, 2009: Grant funding was received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development, for the purpose of purchasing VHF portable two-way radios for the Montgomery Emergency Management Agency. This grant was procured through the office of Representative Garth Everett, 84th District, with the administrative help of Charles Hall, District Administrator. On September 1, the 10 Kenwood TK-2180 portable radios with cases, speaker microphones, extra battery, etc. arrived and were distributed to the members. These new radios were necessary since most of our older radios were not capable of operating on the new “narrow” band radio frequencies that are now in use throughout the county. Grant amount was $7,500.

May 7, 2009: The local office of the Jersey Shore State Bank provided a generous donation as results of a contest highlighting local emergency response organizations. This donation provided funds for us to purchase various vital safety equipment items for our emergency response. Donation was $700.

June 1, 2008: The new Borough of Montgomery Emergency Management Agency Internet Website was made public. The purpose of this website is to keep Montgomery EMA members and the community informed of the most current weather information, emergency preparedness guidelines, self-help training opportunities, emergency related forms and publications, links to other emergency agencies, and pictures of local stream gauges, equipment and events. The website ( ) was designed and implemented by Michael Gruver, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee (born and raised in Montgomery), who was happy to donate over 100 hours of work on this website as well as updating the site in future years to the Montgomery EMA at no charge. The text, articles and pictures were provided by Les Gruver, long time member of the Montgomery EMA.

December 13, 2007: Grant funding was received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development, for the purchase of Water Rescue Team safety equipment. The grant was procured through the office of Representative Garth Everett, 84 District, thanks to the administrative help of Charles Hall. A new specialized rubber rescue boat and trailer was the major purchase along with various water rescue safety equipment. Grant amount was $10,000.


June 14, 2007: EMA members approved the purchase of a 1986 Ford F-350 Command Post vehicle from the Fayette County, (Pa) Emergency Management Agency. This vehicle was used at the scene of the air crash in Shanksville, Pa. during the days following the September 11, 2001 terrorism attack on our nation. The vehicle contains a 6.5 KW generator and ample room for several radio dispatch positions and a command conference table. We gratefully thank our Montgomery Borough Officials for helping with the financial and administrative assistance for this very important asset to our community. Cost $11,500.


June 10, 2004: Our EMA took possession of a 1994 Chevrolet, 4-wheel drive heavy duty pickup truck with 75,000 miles as a donation from the Montgomery Borough. This is a welcome donation and will greatly enhance our emergency response capabilities by allowing us to carry emergency equipment and supplies.

                       GRUMMAN RESCUE BOAT PURCHASED
May 19, 1985: EMA members approved the purchase of a Grumman aluminum rescue boat. This will be purchased directly from the Grumman Company and should be ready in about six weeks. Cost is $1,145. In August 1985, Earl LaForme donated a trailer for the boat as well as 3 seats. A 40 HP motor was purchased from Hull's Marine in May 1986 for $1,200. The boat was painted by Don Person in April 1987. Sue Fritz completed the lettering on the boat during June 1987. In December 1987, the boat only needed the radio power pack, antenna and storage cabinet to be complete. During July 1992, Dennis and Greg installed the red light, siren, radio, light box and other items. In July 2005, two new Teakwood seat/cabinets provided free by C/S Industries were installed.

                          DODGE PICKUP TRUCK PURCHASED
January 12, 1985: EMA members approved the purchase of the 1976 Dodge 4-wheel drive pickup truck from Federal Surplus Property in Harrisburg for $1,806. In February, Don Person painted the truck and the new trailer hitch was installed. A roof rack of red lights, siren, PA, etc was donated to us from the Williamsport EMA and will be installed on the truck. This truck was retired on August 7, 2009 and was sold to Samuel S. Robinson, Jr., Bedminster, N.J. on November 27, 2009 for his ebay bid of $1,550.00.

                             REO RESCUE TRUCK RECEIVED
February 12, 1978: Our EMA received a 1954 REO Heavy-Duty Rescue Truck. This truck had been purchased by the Commonwealth of Pa. from the Reo Motors, Inc on November 23, 1953. It is unknown where this truck was housed prior to April 15, 1977 when the State Council of Civil Defense transferred title to Lycoming County. The vehicle was briefly housed at the Loyalsock Fire Department until the County transferred it to our Montgomery EMA on February 12, 1978. During October 1992, Greg and Dennis Gruver extensively renovated the inside of the vehicle to make it useable as a communications truck. The vehicle was retired from service by Montgomery EMA on December 10, 2007 when it was transported to a vintage vehicle museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa who purchased it by their ebay bid of $6,000. In 2008, the vehicle was purchased from its owner in Iowa by the Lansing Michigan Community College. The college was extremely pleased since this same vehicle had been manufactured at the original REO Motor Car Company factory located in their city of Lansing in 1953 just before the company was sold in 1954.

1973: The 1952 military 2 ½ Ton truck was obtained from Federal Surplus Property. During October 1975, the truck was painted by Don Person with yellow road paint that was provided by Prismo Universal, a local manufacturer of road painting equipment. This truck was retired on December 27, 1994 and sold to Saturn Surplus in January 1995 for $1,350. There had also been an older 2 ½ ton military truck (green) that was acquired prior to 1972 and was also sold to Saturn Surplus in April 1995 for $452.00.

EMA members are reminded that there is a two-way radio test every Tuesday night at 6:00pm. Members with portable radios are asked to check in using the Montgomery EMA channel.

The “Community Warning Siren”, located on the hill behind the Montgomery Fire Department, will be activated in the event of a severe emergency that has or may affect the Borough. When activated, except for the first Saturday of every month noon test, residents should tune to their local radio station or to the weather channel (analog Channel 44 on the Comcast TV cable) to receive announcements of the emergency event.

In times of potential high water from the Susquehanna River, water level readings from the Borough stream and river gauges, as well as severe weather announcements, status of severe weather in progress and damage statements will be announced over the Borough EMA radio scanner frequency of 155.220 Mhz.. Most readings will start at the “Cautionary” river stage of 16 feet and will continue through the crest. In times of heavy rain with flash flood potential, stream gauge readings from the two stream gauges on Black Hole Creek will also be announced. Water level readings may also appear on the Montgomery Borough home page internet site. These water gauge readings are taken by volunteers who will conduct the readings as their time permits.

Montgomery Emergency Management

Borough of Montgomery, Lycoming County, PA