Borough of Montgomery, Lycoming County, PA 

Montgomery Emergency Management

                                                                           (updated May 22, 2014)

11.00 Water on staff gage. (Montgomery Little League bridge)
12.00 Notify Riverside Camp Ground, (Prepare to move lower level)
15.00 Advise Little League of possible water damage
15.00 Advise Riverside Camp Ground of water levels
16.00 ACTION STAGE as determined by the National Weather Service
16.00 Riverside Campground. (Relocate all campers from the LOWER LEVEL).
16.00 Water at Little League outfield fence, across road and under bleachers.
17.00 Water around Little League Building
17.65 Water in Little League Building. ----(Little League Bridge Closed)
18.00 Water near 1 st campsite at the Riverside Camp Ground (Lower Level)
19.00 Notify Susquehanna Boat Club. (River Level)
20.00 FLOOD STAGE as determined by the National Weather Service
20.00 Advise Brook Street and Broad Street Residences
20.00 Notify Riverside Campground. (Prepare to move all campers on the UPPER LEVEL).
20.00 Open Emergency Operations Center -----(Fire Dept. or Borough Hall)
20.00 Water across roadway. (South Main Street)
20.00 Notify Lycoming Housing Authority. (Bower Street Development)
22.00 Notify Riverside Campground. (Relocate all campers on the UPPER LEVEL)
22.00 Water on staff gage South Main Street ---(2 ft. across roadway)
22.00 Mobile Command Truck respond to Muncy bridge if automatic gauge is not working.
22.60 MUNCY TO MONTGOMERY BRIDGE CLOSED .-( Road closed on the Muncy side of bridge )
22.90 Montgomery Park Pavilion. (Water across Ellis Parkway)
24.00 MODERATE FLOOD STAGE as determined by the National Weather Service
24.50 Water in basement. (Old Baptist Church, 19 west Houston Avenue)
24.84 Montgomery Bridge to Watsontown (Water runs over road)
25.00 Water at base of Carnival Ground Concession Stand.
25.00 Advise Sewer Plant of water level. (For pump removal if required)
25.00 Water around Riverside Campground Top. (27 ft Lounge Area)
25.09 Broad and Second St. (Water across road and in basements)
26.92 West Houston Ave. Bridge (Water across road)
28.00 MAJOR FLOOD STAGE as determined by the National Weather Service
28.00 Prepare to shelter Bower Street Development Residence.
30.39 Montgomery and Thomas Ave. has water across road.
31.00 BOROUGH GARAGE AND POST OFFICE (Water around building)
31.44 10 Broad Street. (Water on first floor)
33.00 Bower Street Housing Development (Water on first floor)
37.50 Water just covering railroad tracks (Historic High Flood Level, Hurricane Agnes 1972)